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Tunes from Carmella with special guest host Dominic McNish

Tracklisting: 01 monkeygrinder - falling in love is like dying 02 faerychild + deathchantmachine.mp3 03 radio orphans + peaceful coexistence 04 adinfinitum + crank 05 schizodamaddcap2 + classical darts (w/ Lord Aries tha WARGOD) 06 ambrosius+ see pandora run 07 deneb+ street is a street 08 2 hours of bliss+remember something 09 flatline skyline+three winter months 10 the soft rendition+ we lived like cigarettes 11 dub quixote + ourweatherman (dqspowerfailuredub) 12 King astro's trip - soon soon 13 monkeygrinder - falling in love is like dying Check out these artists and many more at Soundclick. Y'all have a nice day y'hear... x
8 Segments :: 4 Genres :: 2 Selectors :: 1 Winner Metal >> Dancehall >> Hip Hop >> Breaks 80m51s // 148mb // 256kbps You can also download this show direct from TheCoolestBlogEver and check the thread on TheCoolestForumEver! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Metal! (Ninjaboy) Tracklisting: 01 Fear Factory - W.O.E 02 Pennywise - Pennywise 03 Chronic Malfunction - Yuppie Scum 04 Atari Teenage Riot - Anarchy 99 05 Oxygenfad - Student Loans 06 Phlegm Napkin - Iraq 07 Praxis42 - Resistance is Fertile part1 08 Overthruster- ?? 09 Bong Ra - Sepultortura 10 Judas Priest - Breakin' the Law Also contains elements from: "It's Oh So Quiet" :: Bjork 'In The Mouth of Madness' 'Scarface' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Metal! (hiccup) Tracklisting: 01 Motorhead :: Whiplash (Metallica Tribute) 02 The Locust :: Moth Eaten Deer Head 03 System Of A Down/Wu Tang Clan :: Shame On A Nigga 04 Sepultura :: Roots Bloody Roots Also contains elements from: Ozzy Osbourne Satanic messages Miscellaneous interviews ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dancehall! (Ninjaboy) Tracklisting: 01 Sister Nancy + DJ Rupture - A Little More Oil 02 Mr Vegas - Heads High (Kid Hideous Refix) 03 Babycham - Babylon Boy (Kid Hideous Mario Riddim) 04 Cobra - Red Eye (I Rob Riddim) 05 Buju Banton - Deportees (Things Change) 06 Red Rat - Tight Up Skirt 07 Buju Banton - Batty Rider 08 Sister Nancy - Big Beat Bam Bam 09 Kid Hideous - Goodbody ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dancehall! (hiccup) Tracklisting: 01 Dennis Brown :: Westbound Train 02 Alozade and Hollow Point :: Under Mi Sensi 03 Busy Signal :: Agony 04 Sizzla :: Cop Killer 05 Capleton :: Red A Red Also contains elements from: Peter Tosh Various other recordings an' ting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hip Hop! (Ninjaboy) Tracklisting: 01 MF Doom - Rhinestone Cowboy (Four Tet Remix) 02 Beastie Boys - So Watcha Want 03 Mark B and Blade feat Lewis Parker - The Breaks 04 Cypress Hill - Lowrider 05 DJ Shadow - Walkie Talkie 06 Sniper ft Foxy Brown - Arabe 07 Missy Elliot ft Ghostface Killa - Push Push 08 L.O.R - Todo Tiene Un Final 09 Foxy Brown - Oh Yeah 10 MF Doom feat Mr Lif - Nuclear Hip Hop 11 Tribe Called Quest and Fugees - Rumble in the Jungle 12 Rahzel - Wu Tang Beatbox 13 Wu Tang Clan - Nuthin ta Fuck Wit 14 GZA - Freestyle Also contains elements from: "Hip Hop Drunkies" :: Alkaholics "Hip Hop" :: Dead Prez "Nutmeg" :: Ghostface Killa "Straight Outta Compton" :: NWA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hip Hop! (hiccup) Tracklisting: 01 The Nextmen feat. Dynamite MC :: Blood Fire 02 Pharoahe Monch :: Fuck You 03 Rawcotics :: Hardcore Hip Hop 04 Jay Z :: A Million And One Questions 05 Krafty Kuts :: Tricka Technology 06 Nightmares On Wax :: Know My Name (Will.I.Am mix) 07 Desert Eagle Discs :: Bigger Better Deal feat. Rodney P Recorded live from vinyl, yeah boyee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breaks! (Ninjaboy) Tracklisting: 01 Azzido da Bass + Stanton Warriors - Dooms Night Revisited 02 Future Sound of London - Papau New Guinea (Hybrid Remix) 03 KLF - What Time Is Love (2006 Remix) 04 Miss Kittin - Stripper 05 Boing! - Box Full of Spanners 06 Fischerspooner - Seven Nation Electric Army 07 Mithra - L'Elite 08 Hybrid - Cest La Vie 09 Kicks Like a Mule - The Bouncer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breaks! (hiccup) Tracklisting: 01 Guru And The Roots :: Lift Your Fist (lingo breaks mix) 02 Move Ya! And Steve Lavers :: Monkey Scratch 03 Chemical Bros/TGB Productions :: Anodize 04 Dusk :: What Is Life? 05 Lamb :: Gabriel (MJ Cole mix) Also contains elements from: History Of The Amen Break Recorded live from vinyl, yeah boyee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** PLEASE NOW LISTEN AND VOTE FOR THE TAGTEAMER YOU THINK WINS THIS CHALLENGE! *** http://thecoolesthingever.myfreeforum.org/ftopic6449-0-0-asc-.php POLL IS OPEN FOR TWO WEEKS - IE 7PM ON TUESDAY 3RD JULY
Tracklisting: I can't give you anything but love - Gorni Kramer Jada - Eddie Condon Three little words - Rhythm Boys Peanut vendor - Don Azpiazu & The Havana Casino Orchestra You're a sweetheart - Dolly Dawn Love, you're not the one for me - Mezz Mezzrow Me and the man in the moon - Ambassadors The boulevard of broken dreams - Helen Ward Beale Street blues - Eddy Lang & Jack Teagarden A hundred years from today - Lee Wiley & The Casa Loma Orchestra Stay as sweet as you are - Jimmie Grier & His Orchestra I'm in the mood for love - Frances Langford Got a need for you - Adrian Rollini & His Tap Room Gang with Jeanne Burns Sweetness - Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys
*** Limited space means we've rotated this show off of this TCRE page - but you can still catch it at Vinnivee's Podcast Page and also The Coolest Blog Ever! Of course, the easiest way to make sure you get all your favourite TCRE shows is to subscribe - it's FREE, it's QUICK, and it's EASY... *** songs to listen to in the garden on a sunny day Tracklisting: Don't Fence Me In - Frankie Laine (Chopper) Up In Smoke - Cheech & Chong (Up In Smoke) Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra (Kill Bill) Hombre Religioso - Mr. Loco (Nacho Libre) The Look Of Love - Dusty Springfield (Casino Royale) Guilty - Yann Tierson (Amelie) Secret Love - Doris Day (Calamity Jane) Rainbow Connection - Kermit the Frog (The Muppet Movie) Midnight and The Stars with You - Al Bowlly with the Ray Noble Orchestra (The Shining) I'm Through With Love - Marilyn Monroe (Some Like It Hot) Don't Bogart Me - The Fraternity of Man (Easy Rider) When The Shit Hits The Fan - The Circle Jerks (Repo Man)

Deepest Of All
The Ship Song
Paint My Face


So as people who been on here today know, I slung together this mix today which ended up as a random collection of random songs related to Buddhism, songs contributed by TCTE posters, buddhist chants, and people talking about Buddhism. No reason in particular except that I got the day off work cos it was his birthday and it’s something to do Tracklisting: Chant- The Vase Initiation of Yamantaka Kenji Kawai - Ugutsuura Aratayoni Kamutsudoite ????? - Yoga Dollar Melt Banana - Buddhismcore The Beastie Boys - Boddhavista Vow Mark Ronson ft ODB - Toxic Simon and Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence The Jacksons - I’ll Be there The Button - Folsom Prison Blues Auspicious Verses (chant) Nearly God - I be the Prophet Bjork - All is Full of Love John Williams - May the Force be With You Geinoh Yashimaraguri - Kaneda Turbulence and Higher - Move On DJ Clive$ter - Loose Caboose Chant - The Great Empowerment of Bandryua and the voices of Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, and Kid Hideous
Just a quick mention of all the tweaking and improvements we've been putting into the suite of internetz funnin' known as The Coolest Thing Ever... As well as putting together podcasts and wasting time on a bulleting board, the good burghers of TCTE have now cobbled together a 5 elementz empire - CoolestEverLand - comprising of: >> CoolestBlog :: a blog full of totally nagasaki stuff, plus our improved podcast feed! >> CoolestForum :: still the best bulleting in town! >> CoolestGallery :: 101% arts, crafts and f'tography aceness! >> CoolestRadio :: our latest, greatest & sometimes satanist radio shows! >> CoolestWiki :: a font of fonzification, the world of cool explained! And besides the 5 elementz... >> CoolestMySpace :: for the spazztastic joys of friend thieving! So, feel feel to swing by, either via any of the direct links above, or through the front door: TheCoolestThingEver TESTIFY! =================================================================== New casters on the TCRE Podcast Network include: The Button :: acoustic guitar shenanigans Vinni :: top soundtrack music DJ not-i :: hiphop, Latino rock & reggaeton Sly :: Donkey Wrangler To The Stars Juxtaposeur :: breakcore and mental junglism New shows include: TagTeam Challenge :: ADHD genre-swapping contest across 8 segments! The Best Of TCRE Monthly :: obviously not monthly, that would be too obvious SoundClash Challenge :: our musical duel show Plus new ideas being developed all the time! =================================================================== Technorati Profile
*** Limited space means we've rotated this show off of this TCRE page - but you can still catch it at The Coolest Blog Ever! Of course, the easiest way to make sure you get all your favourite TCRE shows is to subscribe - it's FREE, it's QUICK, and it's EASY... *** Bristle-KRS vs TangerineBreem TCRE SoundClash #3: PodWars 80 mins // 146 mb // 256 kbps Available for free streaming, download & subscription from CoolestRadio/TCRE Podcast Network and now direct from CoolestRadio.com. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 1 (Bristle-KRS) Tracklisting: 01 "Hunger (B-KRS Tweak)" :: Katey Brooks 02 "Move You Run" :: Smith & Mighty feat Tammy Payne 03 "My Name Is Tallulah (B-KRS Lazy Instrumental)" :: Bugsy Malone (Paul Williams) 04 "King Of The Mountain" :: Kate Bush 05 "Blues In The Net" :: Yoko Kanno 06 "Alone (On Piano)" :: Colin Newman 07 "Uranus - The Musician" :: Isao Tomita 08 "Hideaway" :: Delacy Also contains elements from: "Infiltrate 202 (Altern8 Vs Asterix & Space Mix)" :: Altern8 'Alien' 'Aliens' 'Croupier' 'Elvis' 'Potatoes - A Layman's Guide' 'We're Off To Visit The Planets' (drive-in movie theater intermission advert) BBC sound effects Random record scratches ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 2 (TangerineBreem) Tracklisting: 01 "Life" :: Alternative TV 02 "Long Time Ago" :: Eek-A-Mouse 03 "Portugal (For The Record)" :: The Fall 04 "The Lurch" :: Two Lone Swordsmen 05 "Rising Above Bedlam" :: Jah Wobble 06 "Fabricoh" :: Archers Of Loaf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 3 (Bristle-KRS) Tracklisting: 01 "Palestine Woman Imagines A Ball Of Confusion" :: Team9 02 "Battleflag :: Lo Fidelity Allstars 03 "Flippin' Off Whitey (ATOM's Tastycake Mix)" :: 3rd Bass 04 "Most Precious Love (Martin Solveig Re-Edit)" :: Blaze Presents Underground Dance Artists For Life feat Barbara Tucker 05 "Plug It In :: Basement Jaxx Also contains elements of: "Space Invaders" :: Bikeshed 'Alien' 'Aliens' 'Alien 3' 'Blood Simple' (audio commentary) 'Chinatown' 'Chopper' 'Cock And Bull' 'Columbo' 'Firefly' 'Star Wars' 'The Shield' 'The Untouchables' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 4 (TangerineBreem) Tracklisting: 01 "Klan Entrance" :: Jerry Springer The Opera (Lee/Thomas) 02 A lovely bit of guitar I can't remember what it is! 03 "Lowdown" :: Wire 04 "It's Gonna Rain" :: Do Make Say Think 05 "Dammers Or Czukay?" :: Future Pilot AKA 06 "Roka" :: Calexico 07 "Dryspell" :: Aesop Rock 08 "Lights Out" :: Sonic Youth Also contains: The odd wee bit from 'Kes' and a snippit from 'Waking Life' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** PLEASE NOW VOTE ON THE TCTE POLL FOR THE SOUNDCLASHER YOU THINK WINS THIS CHALLENGE! *** POLL IS OPEN FOR TWO WEEKS - IE 2PM ON FRIDAY 15TH JUNE

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